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The Mills

Hi guys, some of you may have noticed I haven’t been very active on WordPress this week.  It has been one of those weeks filled with paperwork, appointments, and just a whole load of things that all need sorting at once. 

Luckily I got time to fit in coffee and a chat with one of the school mums on Tuesday and I am meeting one of my friends tomorrow that I haven’t seen for a couple of months. It will be nice to check out of mummy duties for a couple of hours and caffeinate myself.                                                                                               Continue reading


I’ve joined Instagram


Hi everyone, I can’t believe it is Friday again.  Where is the time going?! Just a quick post to say that I finally joined Instagram.  I have been meaning to join for a long time but finally got round to it last weekend. I can be found here @stardustincolour .  I would love to connect with fellow bloggers and book lovers. I am really loving it so far and find it completely addictive !!!
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