Review | Beside Myself by Ann Morgan

Title:   Beside Myself

Author:  Ann Morgan

Published by:  Bloomsbury Publishing

Publication Date :  14th January 2016

Rating:  4/5 Stars

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Review | You Think You Know Me by Clare Chase

Title:  You Think You Know Me

Author:  Clare Chase

Published by:  Choc Lit

Publication Date (Paper Back):  7th Sep 2015

Pages:  320

Source:  ARC from NetGalley

Rating:  3*** | 3/5 STARS

You Think You Know Me


Anna Morris is a journalist who has moved to London in the hopes of making a living in the freelance world.  She moves in with her cousin Alicia and quickly befriends her tennant Sally.

Quite early on, Anna is presented with an opportunity to interview a successful yet eccentric artist by the name of Zachariah Shakespeare.  The art gallery in which this takes place is run by Seb who is an old friend of Anna’s.  However, she has not spoken to Seb in many years, since the tragic passing of his girlfriend.
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