Photography |The Twelfth Lock


Hi Guys !!! A quick post today just to share with you one of my favourite shots of my local canal this year.  This is lock no.12 of The Royal Canal in Dublin hence why this spot is called The Twelfth Lock.  It is hard to make out with the sun but if you look at where the two rays are shining down there is a building underneath which is a hotel/pub and it is called The Twelfth Lock. It is a lovely place to hang out with a gorgeous view over the canal.

Along this stretch there are house boats that people live in and I always imagine when I am walking past on cold frosty mornings,  what it must be like to live this lifestyle.

So in terms of reading, I am doing pretty well with my current read, Black Rabbit Hall and should have it finished and reviewed by early March. I have been nurturing my creative side of late and spending a good bit of time on Instagram so if anyone is on there please follow the link and pop by and say hello. Thats it for me this week but I hope you are all keeping well. Bye for now xx

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