3 Days 3 Quotes | Day 1

I got tagged by the lovely Lucy at Occupation:(m)other to do the ‘3 Days 3 Quotes’ challenge. Thanks for tagging me!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day).
  3. Nominate three new bloggers each day.


A single day spent doing things which fail to nourish the soul is a day stolen, mutilated, and discarded in the gutter of destiny.
Michel Faber | The Crimson Petal and The White

The Crimson Petal and The White is one of the most memorable books I have ever read and I love Michel Faber’s writing style.  There were many beautiful quotes that I could have used from this book so it was hard to narrow it down but this one really speaks to me.  Life is short, we only have one chance and we must do something every day that makes us happy, even if its just one small thing 

I would like to nominate the following lovely bloggers should you have the time (Please ignore if you have already taken part) ♥ ♥ ♥

Melanie | Melanie Noell Bernard

Aimal | Bookshelves & Paperbacks

Erika | Erika in Bookventureland


9 thoughts on “3 Days 3 Quotes | Day 1

    • Nicola | Rust and Stardust says:

      You are very welcome Melanie, I would love to see your posts when they are done so be sure to comment on here to let me know 🙂

      I’m glad you liked this quote and it spoke to you. It is such a beautifully written book that I found it hard to narrow it down to just one !!!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. occupation:(m)other says:

    Ooo I like this a lot! So true. I really get this. Some days I just make sure I make a special cup of tea or something (I know that sounds rubbish!) but I love finding soul nourishing moments in the everyday…
    So, I don’t know this book (shall I leave now!?) but I will look it out.

    Thanks for doing the tag, look forward to tomorrow’s quote! Lucy x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nicola | Rust and Stardust says:

      I so get that Lucy, I think when you are a mum it really is the simple things that you enjoy and for me my cup of nespresso coffee in the morning is one of the highlights of my day, I savour every drop.

      This morning I took some pictures while walking down the canal and I really enjoyed just taking those 5 minutes out of my day to capture the moment 🙂 Thanks for commenting, I hope you like the next two quotes !!! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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