Artwork by Fabienne Rivory

Fabienne Rivory “Miroir” series {mirrored photographs & watercolor paint} by Fabienne Rivory ♥  

Hi everyone, can you believe it is nearly the weekend. I hope you are all having a lovely Friday.  So it has been almost a week since I changed my blog name and decided to step outside of my bookish comfort zone to show you guys what else I am about.  So this is my first non book post and I just wanted to share an image that I saved to my Pinterest board, Feeling the Blues, a good while back.  It took my breath away and I absolutely adore the work of Fabienne Rivory. It might not be to everyone’s taste but thats okay.  Artwork is completely subjective and there is no right or wrong.  That is the beauty of art.

Fabienne Rivory is a French artist who is making artwork that blends paint and photography since 2007. She loves to explore interactions between photography and painting, real world and imagination, memories and reality. Her paintings of the series ‘Miroir’ are made of watercolor or inks that are then digitally combined with photos. The finished works contain a certain vibrancy and mediate a more subjective and poetic vision. | Oct 22nd 2013

So that is it for today fellow bloggers, I would love to hear what you thought of this image and what kind of art or creative outlets you like to explore.  If you would like to see more of Fabienne’s work, here is a link to her website.  Have a great weekend ♥ ♥ ♥


7 thoughts on “Artwork by Fabienne Rivory

  1. Melanie Noell Bernard says:

    Disclaimer: I know nothing about art. :p

    Even so, I love the imagery in this piece. The bottom definitely looks like it could be a reflection of the top and yet the differences and the things that don’t mirror correctly (i.e. the mountain and the people) adds an other-worldly feel. The color chosen for the watercolor is perfect, too, because it could be the blueish turquoise of the sky or the water and it bleeds into both. It’s like reminding us that the sky and the water are the same, interconnected. Does that make sense? (Maybe I’m just rambling. :p)
    Lastly, I love the contrast in colors. The blue adds a very soothing tone, but the stark black and white behind it with only slight definition in the storm clouds as a strong, quarreling, almost raging sensation. The storm and the calm as it were.

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  2. Nicola | Rust and Stardust says:

    Wow, I know you said you don’t know much about art but you can certainly write about it. I like your descriptions almost as much as the picture itself .. and totally agree with what you say. I wouldn’t have been able to articulate it so well myself but I just love the contrast of colours and the mirroring affect. I would love this picture in my home 🙂


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