The Unbelievable Has Happened …

After years of saying I would never get a kindle, I finally succumbed this week.  It wasn’t my fault really.  I was doing my usual browsing on Amazon, when my finger accidentally slipped and added the paperwhite to my basket. Ooopsies !!! And sure what could I do really.  It was a serendipidous moment and who am I to go against fate?!

So here she is.  Meet my new best friend, Alice.  I thought if I am going to be spending so much time with her, I might as well give her a name. I mean, some people name their cars so why not name my e-reader. So I decided to name her after my favourite Lewis Carroll character 🙂


To be honest, I can’t quite believe it.  I was always dead against the arrival of e-readers and was adament I would never get one.  I’m one of those people who obsesses over the whole sensory experience of reading a physical book.  I love holding a book in my hands, feeling the pages between my fingers and that lovely bookish smell.  It’s like the human finger print, no two books smell the same.

I love bookmarks and interchanging them between each book, placing my book back on its shelf and then browsing for the next one.  I love also when looking through old books and finding an old book mark you haven’t seen in years that instantly brings you back to a different place in time. 

In fact, the more people I saw with e-readers, the more emotional I became.  It evoked feelings of great sadness and loss.  Sadness that physical books are becoming a “dying breed”, sadness that bookshops are slowly disappearing and most of all, sadness that when my son grows up, he might never know the joy of a true book in its traditional form.

I abstained from buying a kindle because I felt that I would somehow be supporting the extinction of books and that didn’t sit right with me.

A couple of months ago I was asked to review a book by an author.  I agreed to review the book and of course in doing so I also agreed to reading it electronically.  So out came my husbands kindle which I was feeling a little resentful towards.  But anyway what could be the harm in reading one book on a kindle right? A day in and I was feeling kind of excited about this new device I was using and I have to be honest, in that week I really warmed to my husbands kindle.  So much so, in fact, that I became quite sad when I had to hand it back.

A few weeks ago I heard about a great series of Dystopian books that came highly recommended.  When I looked them up on Amazon and The Book Depository, the paperbacks were really expensive so I decided to have a quick look on the kindle store.  The first in the series was just 99p. I mean, can you go wrong at that price? So I bought the first 3 in the series and hubby kindly allowed me to use his kindle again. 

So I started reading the series on his kindle and I must say that by about halfway in, I was becoming quite attached to Kindra ( Yes, that is the name I bestowed upon hubbies kindle much to his delight …he he). At this point I decided that the time had come for me to catch up with the world and buy my own e-reader. 

One of the advantages of e-readers is the beautiful array of covers available today

kindle covers

What I like about the Kindle Paperwhite

  • I don’t have to worry about lighting in a room anymore (the paperwhite has got that covered)
  • Saves a lot of tree’s.
  • There are lots of cute covers available so I can give “Alice” a makeover every now and then.
  • I can highlight and save notes etc and share them should I wish to do so.
  • Books are cheaper in Kindle format.
  • Very convenient for when travelling.
  • I can store as many books as I want on it.
  • I can stand my Kindle up on the table when I am eating thanks to a device at the back of the cover.
  • Font size can be adjusted in size and design.
  • The battery lasts for absolutely ages.
  • I like that Kindle’s  tell you how far along you are in the book (in percentage)
  • There is a dictionary function which comes in really handy.
  • The size is perfect for bringing in a small handbag for appointments where there is a lot of waiting around.

Despite the fact that I have finally caught up with the 21st century, I will always have an affinity with Paperbacks.  For instance, when I come across a book that sounds special and I really love both the cover and the sound of the story … I will endeavour to find a printed copy.

  I have a very special bond with books that have touched my heart and these are the ones that will find their way onto my bookshelf where I will treasure them always.  The Kindle can never replace that feeling and nor does it have to.  The Kindle is convenient, fun, easy to use and surely we can appreciate it for just that, a useful device. It doesn’t have to replace paper copies.  Surely they can co-exist separately and its not about choosing one over the other.  We can celebrate them both and appreciate them for the various attributes that each possesses.

I would be really interested to hear what fellow bibliophiles think about e-readers.  Are there many of you out there who like me, found it difficult to consider making the transition or is there anyone who still remains loyal and true to the printed format? I would love to hear your story 😉 xx


23 thoughts on “The Unbelievable Has Happened …

  1. Josephine says:

    Just like you I couldn’t handle the idea of e-readers because of their threat to physical books. But honestly you can’t go wrong with the prices and the portability of a Kindle! For me, even though I have a Kindle, physical books dino barely ownership of books because I just love having the physical copies of them!
    xoxo 💋

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    • Nicola | BookBunny says:

      I know exactly what you mean Josie. Some books are so special that it doesn’t do them justice to have them away on a Kindle.

      If I love a book it has to go on my book shelf. It makes me so happy to see them up there.

      Thanks for dropping by and really sorry for delay in replying. It was a crazy week with my son back at school. I’m so glad it’s the weekend !!!!Phew 🙂

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  2. @dublinbookworm says:

    I use a kindle a lot. I spend a lot of time on the bus commuting and hauling physical books around just wasn’t feasible. My bag is already heavy enough thanks to the kitchen sink being in there. I do still buy physical books but they tend to be ones I’ve really enjoyed. For me it’s become a bit like buying a copy of a book you loved which you borrowed from the library.

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    • Nicola | BookBunny says:

      The special ones always have to be purchased in physical form. I ordered a new copy of Emma as my mum threw out my copy that I studied for my leaving cert. I was gutted 😦

      Anyway I ordered a lovely new copy during the week that I will guard with my life. That is one book that will never be bought in Kindle format !!! Hehe 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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  3. pinkpearbear says:

    I feel exactly like you did at first. You’ve made me think though. Maybe it’s a way to have a better bookshelf. I currently have hundreds of books & definitely don’t love all of them. Maybe by reading on the kindle first & only buying the greats, I can have a bookshelf full of just awesomeness instead! I almost cried when ottakers closed in our next town. It was like my second home! 😀

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    • Nicola | BookBunny says:

      That is actually a really good point you make 🙂 I can definitely see my book shelf changing for the better over the coming years.

      I’m glad to know I’m not alone too in my initial attitude to e-readers. But I am going to focus on the positives from now on because there definitely are many.

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

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      • pinkpearbear says:

        I was so anti them!! But can totally see myself coming around! I need to have a good sort out of books & I’ve seen some great ideas for using old books to make beautiful things. Might be my next Pinterest board!xx

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  4. keletkezes says:

    I suppose it’s like the old hardback v softback debate: they have their time and place. I don’t need one now, but I wouldn’t say never! The fact I just spent £3 on 5 secondhand paperbacks says it all as well… 😀

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  5. Lectito says:

    I was like you: dead set against e-readers until all my bookshelves were double stacked and I was given one for my birthday. I love my Kindle for all the same reasons as you, PLUS so much easier to read with in the bath, which is just the best little luxury. No more soggy pages! I still love the real thing, though. It feels like such a treat when I get real books in the mail. 🙂

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    • Nicola | Rust and Stardust says:

      Oooo, I haven’t risked bringing my kindle in the bath yet. I would be afraid I would drop it in. Hehe !!! I know what you mean though about gettting a real book in the mail. My Book Depository deliveries make my day but I can’t say the same about buying a kindle book. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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  6. Melanie Noell Bernard says:

    NO!!!!! You fell into the void of e-readers! *cries* It’s so sad. :p Personally, I despise e-readers. They are handy and are required for a lot of book reviews, but I’m still loathe to the idea of buying one. I don’t like the idea of having the book electronically. I like being a hardcore, hoarding bibliophile. I like placing every single book on my bookshelf (which isn’t up at the moment. >.>) and staring at all the books I’ve read (because I’m a creep on my bookshelf like that). You can’t do that with e-books. You can’t hold them. You can’t have the joy of turning the pages or holding a page in the expectation of turning it! You can’t feel the glossy texture of the cover. Ugh. Just… no. No kindle. No e-reader. The closest I’ve gotten is using the kindle app on my phone and my mac, but I’m not buying a kindle myself. If I can get the book in real version, I’ll do that even if the kindle version is cheaper. In my mind, the price is worth it. Rant done! *drops mic and walks out*

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    • Nicola | Rust and Stardust says:

      Haha, you can rant away. I’v heard it all before but from my own mouth. I felt exactly the same as you and still do in many ways. I’m not completely converted to e-readers, in fact I don’t think I have looked at it in almost a month as the books I have read have been paperbacks.

      What I love though is the fact that I don’t have to worry about lighting when I am on my Kindle. I can just read in the dark and not bother a soul 😉

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